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One day of hard labor later

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The seminar room now has an 800x600 projector with both computer and video game inputs.

You're welcome.

(And wait till you see lab 118)


Wave wave wave

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I got a developer's account on Google Wave

This is a real error message:
"This wave is experiencing some slight turbulence, and may explode. If you don't wanna explode, please re-open the wave."

That is all


Procedural Worlds

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It seems Chewie and I have decided to gang up on Dr. Briggs and insist on a joint computer science senior project. We've done joint projects before and had them come out well so I'm sure he'll say yes. We're seriously inspired by Dwarf Fortress to take our own spin on procedural world generation for games and simulations. My idea is to make the world actually round, so that weather etc. can be more accurately simulated. Also, voxels. Those will make deformable terrain very easy.

I've been plundering the ACM library.... abwahahaha.


Our life

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Last two days have gone something like this:

"Your little brother is saying he feels sick but he still has to go to school."

"Your little brother is still whining so I called the doctor. She'll see him tomorrow."

"The doctor called back and said she thinks she should see him tonight and to go get X-Rays now."

"The doctor called back and said to go ahead and check into the hospital. And that he might want to consider dropping out of that course."

"His lung collapsed again and they're gonna have immediate surgery to permanently hold it open by gluing it to his ribs."

The good news: in the light of emergency surgery, LC has waived the requirement that Timmy take Algebra 2 in summer school before starting college, because there's only one session for it here in Bedford. (He missed an entire year of high school due to prior illness, and when he graduated he was still missing just this one class.)

Also, a lot of blue flowers suddenly about.



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It's that time of year again: Melissa gets her summer paychecks and orders foreign Harry Potter books.

I made it an explicit goal to collect at least one of each Germanic-language edition. I already had Dutch (duh), Afrikaans, and German. I just ordered Saxon, Swedish, and Faroese (hi Taelor). This leaves one more set of three: Danish, Norwegian, and Icelandic. I can't find Icelandic for less than $100 so that will probably have to wait to be the capstone of the collection.

Sadly, I don't think there will ever be a Frisian edition... or any of the other spoken-in-about-the-size-of-Bedford-County languages and dialects.

There are 60,000 speakers of Faroese in the world.
There are 73,000 citizens of the city of Lynchburg.

Talk about a rare and unique book...


The Fanboy, Part 2

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So do ya'll remember that at Katsucon, I went to talk to the chiptune people and it turned out one of them was my fanboy from IRC and he hugattacked me as soon as I said my handle?

Yesterday I was at AMA (it's not as bad as you think guys) and there was a dude using a Linux laptop and I walked up from behind him to ask him what program he was using. "Ah yeah, this is cacalib, so... how are you"

Lolwat! At least he seems to think my new chiptune is okay.


Writer's Block: I Can Relate

What fictional character do you most identify with?


Most boring answer ever?

Though I never went through the teenage dating phase, pretty much everything else is spot on. Even our appearances....

ATI Raaaeeg

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Okay, my new computer works great and I am very happy with it. However I am not so happy with ATI.

The underlying graphics core of Linux is called X, and they just released a new major version that you have to compile new graphics drivers for. ATI manages its own closed-source drivers and, for their new version, they declared the vast majority of their own cards currently in use as 'legacy' and only added support for very specific, very new cards. Put another way: I have a brand new computer which I got YESTERDAY and ATI is not supporting the graphics card inside. This means I cannot use any Linux distro which uses the newest X, which means I cannot use the newest Ubuntu, for example. (I tried, it blackscreens.) (Oh and BTW it's an onboard card because of the ultra-small form factor, that is, I can't replace it even if I had any money left over.)

Complicating the problem is that Ubuntu currently offers two versions, and the older one is one kernel version too old and doesn't have the wifi driver I need. Fortunately, the Crunchbang variation of Ubuntu is somewhere between the two and works fine, although with my external wifi instead of the internal one. (Maybe I can hack that into working tonight.)

EDIT: here are some magnified screencaps of the character tiles I've been working on for my hypothetical game:

And a normal-size of Gaerinn's full pic:


It's gonna be a good day

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- And suddenly, tiger lilies. Thousands of them.

- The Ribler girls are gonna be here today! They are two 6yo girls adopted from Vietnam. They are both the smartest and most adorable little girls I've ever met, and I think the absolute world of them.

- My new desktop is coming today! My dearly beloved Sanguine has died the final death after five years of faithful service, and yes, I cried. The new one is about the size and shape of a Wii.


All aboard the friendship

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Yusss I had a Weekend Most Excellent down at the geekhaus in Danville.

Gizmo is teh awesome.

And something absolutely amazing happened at ye olde Goodwill.

I've been looking for a working copy of Pokemon Blue for about a year. In the bookstore section of Goodwill I found a book on ancient Greek for two dollars and took it to the books-only register, which was on a glass case filled with some odds and ends. I put the book on the counter and said "I'd like this please and... and... AND THAT BLUE THING RIGHT THERE"

$5. It works perfectly. :D

Played it on Kytri+Mark's Gameboy-to-Super Nintendo adapter for a few hours. I have one of these too that I bought for when I finally found a Pokemans, hope it works.

Also, a Clefairy is just a Jigglypuff that doesn't FAIL.